U.S. government approves STERILIZATION VACCINES to reduce deer populations, proving yet again that depopulation vaccines exist

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reportedly approved for use an immunocontraceptive vaccine known as “Zonastat-D” that will soon be used to manage the population numbers of white-tailed deer.

The sterilization shot is the second of its kind in the Zonastat family, with Zonastat-H having been earlier approved for use in the control of wild horses. The Humane Society of the United States claims that Zonastat-H is already a “well established and effective” vaccine for wild horses, and authorities believe the same will be true for Zonastat-D and white-tailed deer.

The vaccine contains what’s known as porcine zona pellucida, or PZP, a substance that’s extracted from the ovaries of pigs and adapted specifically for use in white-tailed deer. In short, it triggers the production of antibodies that basically bind to the protein envelopes that surround female deer eggs, effectively barring fertilization from taking place.

So instead of having to shoot and kill white-tailed deer in order to keep them from overpopulating, wildlife management personnel can instead shoot Zonastat-D vaccines at the animals in order to sterilize them. And this sterilization shot is being called a “vaccine,” even though the Oxford Dictionaries defines a vaccine as a substance that stimulates the production of antibodies in order to procure immunity against disease – not to inhibit reproduction for depopulation purposes.

Field studies on Zonastat-D date back to 1993 when scientists from multiple universities first began testing it on deer in New York, South Carolina, and elsewhere. They basically shot the animals from afar with tiny needles that contained the vaccine, which they found had an 85 to 90 percent success rate. They further claim that the drug is safe for the animals and doesn’t pass through the food chain, suggesting that people can still eat these deer without issue.

“Adding this vaccine to the management toolbox enables wildlife managers to reduce populations gradually, often without resorting to lethal methods,” writes Wayne Pacelle for The Humane Society of America. “Sport hunting or sharpshooting management options are often considered unsafe, impractical, and unpalatable in many urban and suburban communities.”

So it’s true: vaccine ARE being used for depopulation purposes

Whether or not this newfangled vaccine actually works as claimed is perhaps less of a concern than the fact that authorities are now openly admitting what Natural News has been claiming for quite some time now: that vaccines are, in fact, being used by authorities as a depopulation tool to sterilize mammals and prevent them from reproducing.

It’s the type of thing that billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates admitted to back in 2010 at an infamous TED conference he spoke at on climate change. After going over some math he presented on carbon dioxide emissions, Gates stated that the world’s population is becoming to large, in his opinion, and that one of the solutions is to develop more vaccines.

“The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent,” Gates is quoted as saying, the full video clip of which is available at this link.

Vaccines cause disease, as demonstrated by Zonastat-D causing infertility in white-tailed deer

What this statement by Gates suggests is that both vaccines and “health care” are being used by the “elite” as covert methods of depopulation. And now we’re seeing that this is definitely possible with the use of vaccines like Zonastat-D, which rather than prevent disease as we’re told all vaccines do, actually causes disease in the form of infertility.

Somehow the definition of a vaccine has been expanded to include chemical poisoning with substances that directly interfere with the natural process of reproduction – even if it’s for a “good cause,” as in the case of white-tailed deer overpopulation. It’s something that the general population needs to be aware of as the vaccine industry continues to release new vaccines that perform functions other than disease-prevention.

The United Nations was caught developing so-called vaccines through the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF that were found to be laced with sterilization chemicals. These vaccines were being administered to poor black girls and women in Kenya as part of a “public health” campaign of “humanitarianism.”

Vaccines have also been found in many cases to contain a barrage of chemicals known to induce cancer in those who receive them. This suggests that vaccine companies are knowingly injecting people with substances that cause disease rather than prevent it. Even here in the U.S. back during the pre-Civil Rights era, doctors were caught injecting people – in this case black men – with vaccines for syphilis that were later found to have spread the sexually-transmitted disease.

It really does appear as though the entire legacy of vaccines is tainted with a depopulation agenda. As as with this latest vaccine for sterilizing white-tailed deer, dangerous vaccines are almost always marketed as a “solution” so to some problem, whether it be the prevention of infectious disease spread of full-on depopulation.

In this case, the possibility that these sterilizing chemicals will be passed onto humans through vaccinated deer meat is a major concern, despite claims to the contrary. Who’s to say that what’s injected into the animals before they’re hunted, killed, and processed into food won’t pass onto humans, including developing children who are none the wiser as to what they consuming?

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